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Basic information (/api)

The /api endpoint allows you to get basic information from the device.

Your application can use this endpoint to see if your integration is designed to work with this version of the API. You can validate your support based on the combination of product_type and api_version. Data points in this endpoint that are currently available won't change, but make sure your application can accept new data points for future updates.

product_typestringThe product type, see Supported devices. Make sure your application can handle other values for future products.
product_namestringA fixed, user-friendly name. This name is not the same that is set by the user in the app.
serialstringSerial, also the MAC address. Consists of 12 hexadecimal values.
firmware_versionstringThe current firmware version. Make sure your application can handle other version formats. See Versioning and updates
api_versionstringThe current api version, currently 'v1'


GET http://{IP address}/api HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: <length>

"product_type": "HWE-P1",
"product_name": "P1 Meter",
"serial": "3c39e7aabbcc",
"firmware_version": "2.11",
"api_version": "v1"